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Default Re: Breaking Bad: Season 5 (Final) Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by LA_Showtime
I don't see where they go from here. I mean they have a couple directions they could go but none of them seem all that important. I hope they aren't another example of television show that stayed past its welcome.

I highly disagree with you there.

There are plenty of significant sounding directions that the series could go for Season 5. At the beginning of the series, Vince Gilligan stated that his basic premise for the series was to "turn Mr. Chips into Scarface."

Walter really hasn't unleashed his inner Heisenberg to a consistent degree yet. He's certainly shown flashes of badassery, but now that he's taken out Gus, he's in the perfect position to fully complete his journey into a full-fledged drug lord badass. The recent promotional videos and images are certainly indicating that that is where Walter is going this season.

There are also some other significant unresolved story lines from the prior season, such as Hank's investigation, the mystery of Gus's background, the nature of the corporation that financed Gus's operation, Skylar's feelings about Walter's transformation, and Jesse's discovery of Walter's actions.

Also, it was Gilligan's plan from day 1 to have the series go 5 seasons. Rest assured that the writers aren't unnecessarily padding out the story.
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