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Default Re: Trades,Free Agency, Draft Thread

Originally Posted by el gringos
You don't want Kenyon for anything more and maybe you are right that it's tough to find a big. But Kmart is a terrible player to mesh w Carmelo and chandler or Carmelo and amare. Jeffries is a better fit and thabeet would be more valuable.

Kenyon Martin has questionable shot selection at this point in his career, but there is no doubt he can handle most big men defensively. He's a dog. A pitbull who doesn't back down and will try to intimidate whoever he's matched up with. I'm talking 20-25 MPG just off the bench. If Woody is consistent about bringing back an 80's style of basketball, then K-Mart is your enforcer.

Jared Jeffries was a good fit under D'Antoni when we needed someone who gave some sort of effort on defense in the frontcourt, but with a better defensive unit anchored by Chandler he's become expendable.

Thabeet is worth a flyer for a minimum salary, and I'd like to see that happen too.

I think it's a must to get I into a pick for Cunningham or wroten but a great pick w the current 2nd rd pick would be Robert sacre from gonzaga 7 foot, athletic, and aggressive on a great frame.

Not sure if Cunningham will slip that far to 48.

I know some Mocks have him between 35-45, but they dont take into account the teams who are surely going to draft some Euros who we've never heard of and stash them.

Thats kinda why I've kept consistent on Scott Machado because he's pretty realistic for our draft spot. If he goes before 48, I have no clue what to do or think.
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