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Default Re: The Amazing SPIDER-MAN (July 3rd) - News and Speculation

Originally Posted by Loneshot
Not in the least. Not only was it a poor action movie, but as far as being an X-Men film goes it wasn't good at all there. I've exposed the many holes in the movie so many times (on this forum) i don't have the energy to do it again. All flash with no substance about sums up First Class (and all the previous X movies).

I wish people would stop overrating the X films because they just keep pumping out sequels/prequels and spinoffs thinking that they are awesome movies when they suck on every level from the plot, having no depth (when such a universe is drowning in it yet the movie fails to capture any of it), and being nothing more than a showcase of mutant's powers.

Gotta disagree with you here bud. i'm a huge comic nerd, and sure, it did it take some liberties with the characters, but it was a pretty solid movie
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