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Default Re: The Amazing SPIDER-MAN (July 3rd) - News and Speculation

Originally Posted by Loneshot
A 7 is saying it's barely just decent, and i'd respect that. But from most reviews you'd think it was Avengers.

I can see how the Avengers (a solid 8, maybe 8.5) gets overrated, but how people overrate First Class is beyond me. The flaws are obvious and its so mediocre that you're left with nothing to desire because there is no faith to have that they can give you anything to desire.

I haven't enjoyed any of the X films and its almost mind boggling how so many people not only enjoy them, but think they are good. It's the very reason fans won't get an X film on the level of the new Batman trilogy or Avengers, because we say these X movies are good, so they will stay in line with we've already been given; mediocre action movies.

7 is barely decent to you and mediocre??? For me 7 is good, not great.
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