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Default Re: Lakers Want Back In First Round

Originally Posted by tamaraw08
Im ready to move on withOUT Pau and would rather have Scola or Josh Smith PLUS a starting PG but a 10th pick? are you kidding me.
BTW, that Garbage ranked
11th in rebounds, better than Duncan, Noah, Chandler, West, Perkins, Bosh, Ibaka etc.
6th in blocks ahead of Chandler, Martin, Asik,Duncan, Deandre Jordan, Marc, KG, Horford, Noah etc
7th in double doubles, besting Paul,Smith, West, etc
24th in assists ahead of Pierce, Joe Johnson, Marc, Darren Collison, Sessions, George Hill, Duncan
This. I'll contribute he did all this as the Lakers 3rd option.

Lakers fans are going to miss Pau when he's gone. When Bynum's standing down there taking double teams and turning over the ball ad-nauseam because he's clueless other than ball go in hole fans are going to wonder where that great interior passing went. When Bynum's bogged down because there's no one else who can play from 15 feet in with consistency to keep the defense honest they'll be calling for his head. Bynum is a reflection of what Pau gave him by being such a versatile player in the paint and having Kobe out on the perimeter. When Pau's gone Bynum's multitude of shortcomings will be exposed. Oklahoma already gave us a preview of what Bynum's life is going to look like with Pau gone it's not pretty for Bynum. I don't even want to think what Bynum's going to look like when Kobe's gone.

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