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Default Re: Barkley: I'm better than Malone

More like Charles Barkley was the Undisputed Best Powerfwer Forward Ever for 10 Years in a Row (1985-1995) Untill his Body Began to Decline in 1994-95 (1st his Back Problems then Knee Problems).

And NO Malone was Never a More Dominant Offensive Force than Barkley Inside the 3-Point Region.

This is how they Both Worked...Malone Shooting More and Less Effective. Incredible Less Effective with THE GOAT CREATOR: John Stockton


Barkley shot 58.13% Two-Point FG at 21.6 PPG on 12.9...Two Point FGAs Pg

Malone shot 51.9% Tw-Point FG FG at 24.7 PPG on 17.5...Two-Point FGAs PG PG

Play-Offs: Where Malone ALWAYS Declined:

Barkley shot 55.13% FG at 22.5 PPG on 14.5 ...Two-Point FGAs PG

Malone shot 46.6% Two-Point FG at 24.6 PPG on 19.3...Two-Point FGAs PG


Malone Needed STOCKTON To Score..NEVER IN THE LEVEL OF BARKLEY...Especially Play-Offs!!!

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