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Default Re: Lakers Want Back In First Round

Originally Posted by BØBØ
Rockets have been telephonic torturing the Kings for 3 days straight trying to pry that 5 spot away from them and the Kings are not budging as yet. Lakers would have to land in the top 5 most likely to have a chance at Gilchrist and that's what the Rockets were trying to accommodate. Gasol to the Rockets for the 5 spot and filler to make the numbers work.

Problem is the Kings are broke and they don't want to take on any salary they don't need to. Rockets have offered them 3 first round picks for the 5 and it reported that's two more guaranteed contracts than the Kings want on their roster.

Things could change but there's less than 20 hours now for it to happen and the Maloof's suddenly becoming competent seems like a reach.

You think that's what Houston is trying to do? I assumed it was to go after Dwight. Do you think Lowry is part of the filler? Lowry, Scola and the #5 would be nice. (#3 would be even nicer, as I don't think MKG makes it past Cleveland at #4, unless Beal is there at 4). Going to be an interesting last few hours.
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