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Default Re: Lakers Want Back In First Round

Originally Posted by Robster89
Excellent post Bobo.
Throw in the fact that Howard is coming off a major back injury and may not be back until well after the season starts.

I'll be sad to see Pau go if it happens. I still think he's a great player. All this talk about his demise is false. He went 17-11 as the 3rd option on this team.
He is the best passing big I have ever seen, and he also is the consumate professional.

That being said, I do think the Lakers need to change, and unfortunately Pau is the guy to move. Kobe's not going anywhere, Bynum is 24.
there you go, Checkmate. That alone makes any Howard to Houston talk silly EDIT: unless the back isn't as bad as it was made out to be, which is always a possibility.

Honestly I think Pau will be a Laker next year barring something huge. Front Office knows his value on the court so any move for him is going to be big. it's won't be a role player or two it'll be a like level player or something like a great first round pick, something they can't get any other way and they won't repeat the rumor mill from last season, they'll get it done before the season starts or they'll make it clear he's a Laker.
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