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Default Re: Lakers Want Back In First Round

Originally Posted by BØBØ
Couple things. Bear with me, it might even be entertaining.

90% of what you read is made up by somebody. Either a front office being misleading on purpose or in most cases a sports writer trying to justify his existence. Using the Lakers name moves the meter. Tweet it, link it, post it on your site and you'll get clicks. Clicks sell advertising, advertising pays their bills.

What's going to draw more attention, or generate more revenue? A true story about the Bobcats and their number 2 pick or a made up story about the Lakers you classify as a rumor from "NBA Sources"

There's also snippets of truth. We know a couple things that we can assume to be true and some that are facts.

The Rockets have 3 first round picks.
The Kings have no money and the Maloofs are idiots.
The Rockets have made moves to acquire Pau in the past, it was vetoed. they tried a second time it was blocked too.
The Lakers need somebody who wants Pau bad enough to help them out if they want to make any moves.
The Rockets don't grow money on trees, they have to be very selective about what they do, they are patient and smart.
These things are facts

Things we know about Howard or believe to be true
He doesn't know what he wants.
the Orlando Magic have a brand new GM who's only had a few days to get the lay of the land, has said he hasn't even spoke to Howard yet as of yesterday so trading Howard even for three draft picks might not be in his or the Magic's best interest at this time.

The Rockets as I mentioned are pennywise, smart and careful. Without a 100% guarantee from Howard he'd sign a multi year deal do you think they'd trade anything of value for him? This Howard who's been all over the map, who's situation last season has cost a GM and head coach their jobs.

vs Pau who is a multi talented all star level big man, a known quantity, a team player, well spoken well liked and loyal beyond a fault. And has been on your radar for over a year now and you know he's locked up for at least two years.

Now separate the peas from their shells and see where you end up.

You make a convincing argument, but how do you explain this?

There has been speculation that the Rockets may be trying to use the picks to land Lakers big man Pau Gasol. The Rockets pursued him in December and thought they had a deal for Gasol as part of the larger Chris Paul deal to the Lakers that the NBA scuttled.

However, a league source told that the Rockets are no longer pursuing Gasol.

Why would the Rockets need any picks to make a move for Gasol? I think Lowry, Lee and Dalembert (who is gone now) would've been enough to do it. Unless the Laker's thinking is Lowry + #5?

Regardless, I'm a bit anxious about what's going down tomorrow. Hopefully the Lakers front office make moves that make them better and not just straight salary dumps.
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