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Default Re: Lakers Want Back In First Round

Holy crap. Great posts, BOBO. To add to what you're saying, "heavily-rumored" blockbuster trades involving the Lakers haven't actually come to fruition since, what, Shaq to Miami? And anyone who says they saw the Pau or Paul trades coming is definitely a liar and possibly a pedophile.

The Lakers as a franchise play everything close to the vest, and they're notorious among draft prognosticators for being one of the most difficult teams to project during draft time. They throw up a ton of smokescreens, but sometimes they'll play it straight just to catch everyone off guard.

I do think Pau is gone, however--by the end of next season at the latest. BOBO's already gone into Larry Coon-esque depth about how hard the new lux tax penalties are gonna hit heavy spenders after next year, and that's on top of the revenue sharing that IMO reams LA and NY every year. I don't think any of the rumored trades involving Pau is good for us in a basketball sense, but unfortunately a lot of trades nowadays aren't made with that in mind.

And now that I've pressed "submit" on this post, watch tomorrow as LA trades Pau for whatever bag of beans and draft picks Chris Broussard et al. is reporting he's being traded for.
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