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Default Re: Lakers Want Back In First Round

Originally Posted by tamaraw08
1.But I thought you made it clear that it would make perfectly sense that the Lakers would be determined to shed salary this season to avoid the very expensive luxury tax next year.

2.What I took from your past comment was Pau was the odd man out since getting rid of Kobe would be financial suicide while Bynum has strong affinity with Jim Buss plus he is only 24 yrs old and cheaper than Pau.
I broke your post up if you don't mind.

1. It would but it doesn't mean they can do it or that they'll shoot themselves in the foot to do it. Just because it makes sense doesn't mean it's doable at this time. Takes more than one to dance in the NBA and sometimes with some trades it takes two or three. What the Lakers want and what they can do could easily be two different things.

2. He's not odd man out in my book, I love Pau and believe he has a lot to give the organization but it appears he's odd man out within the Lakers and they pay him not me.

Maybe my fault for not being clear in some post somewhere. Sometimes hard to convey the difference between a personal view of what we'd want as a fan and what the Lakers might be thinking which is a personal view of a different type since none of us have a bug in Mitch's office so we really don't know what's being said and done behind the ice rinks of El Segundo.

Back on track. So even if Pau's odd man out the Lakers are not stupid and know his value to the team and it's on court performance and won't give him up just to cut salary if it's detrimental to the team. They'll want something positive back in some way, a top level player now a hot prospect or two. If it was strictly a salary dump they can use the amnesty clause next week but we know that's not going to happen.

Lastly to get rid of Kobe would be financial suicide. He generates so much interest for the team that it probably pays for his salary, the taxes on his salary and then some and he's a winner and the Lakers win because of him most of the time. He's still a very dynamic player with a lot to give. Even on the decline at his age he's arguably one of the top 3 players in the league on any given night and some nights still the best. You pay that bill and move on with a smile on your face if you're a Buss family member.

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