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Default Re: Memphis putting a package together for Pau

Agreed Freek,
If Memphis Is The Partner, I Say Send Them Pau And Youth In The Form Of D-miles And The Other Andrew. I Don't Recall Hearing Their Names, Much Less Seeing Them In The Post-season. Send Those 3 For Randalph And Conley And Pick Up A Shooting Guard Ala Kobe W/no.60. If The Hawks Are The Partner, Send Pau, Blake And No. 60 For Josh Smith, Jeff Teague And Their First Rounder Which Is In The Mid-20's I Think. If The Wizards Are The Partner, Send Them Pau, Troy Murphy And No.60 For The No. 3 Overall Pick, Nene' And Ariza. Honestly, I'm Not That Crazy About Letting Pau Go, Because Look What He's Had To Deal Rumors, Being Traded, Only To Have The Trade Sacked By That Lame-brained So-called N.b.a. Commish, Having To Adjust To A New Offense That All But Takes You Out Of The Offense, And To Top It All Off, Find Yourself The Scapegoat Because The Lakers Lose In The Playoffs. In Truth, If You Want To Blame Someone, Blame That Half Dummy, Half A-hole, Jim Buss. Jim Buss Run The Los Angeles Lakers? Are You Kidding Me? Jim Buss Couldn't Run Roaches Away From A Can Of Black Flag Or Hot Shot. But If Pau's Move Has To Has To Happen, Just Because Of The Things He's Been Through, Send Him To Memphis With Brother Where He'd Probably Be Happy. But Don't Forget, Make The Grizzles Pay For That Privilige. Gasol Is A Class Guy And Should Be Treated With Respect.
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