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Default Re: Lakers Want Back In First Round

Originally Posted by lakerfreak
For some reason, much like the 07-08 off-season, I feel there might be a division amongst management.

We got Jim saying dont expect major moves, Mitch talking about pursuing trades to help this team....and whatever.

One thing is for sure, and it sounds like the team still wants to compete.

The question is, relatively speaking, how much do we need to actually compete? The thunder have an issue and that is to figure out how they can keep both, harden and Iblocka. They might have to let one go.

The Miami Heat are also a tax team with 3 max contracts. What could they possibly do to improve? They also might have to let a couple of guys go.

In the end of the day, we might be seeing every team let a crucial piece walk, because of the new rules. We might give up Pau for nothin, and still be a top team if every other team had to make sacrifices as well.

DK's Rant of the Day
I hate this BS CBA stuff, what happened to Capitalism and free enterprise? teams should be able to spend as much money as they can afford. Why the FK did we even put teams into small markets if they cannot afford to compete? Screw that.....there are enough big cities in america to support 29 teams....or 30. This crap is beginning to ruin the game and is causing more moves which have nothing to do with anything but money. Why should fans fork out $$ to buy a jersey when the guy may be gone so quickly for money reasons. Speaking of reasons....Stern can go Fk himself for giving the Heat that bogus title (IMO). Why try to force parity? Why not allow teams to maintain their core group and grow together? Who the hell wants to see their favorite player playing in a different jersey? The whole things seems to forced and too planned, with Stern, his crooked refs and his b!tchy owners at the controls.....the current NBA is NOT "Fantastic". End Rant ............
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