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Default Re: Grinder's Final Mock Draft

Originally Posted by GOBB
Who put the report out there about his knee? Seems suspect, as if a team did it in hopes Perry falls to them. All of a sudden his knee gets flagged right when its time to draft? Hmmm

Also about Perry he admitted he had problems handling constructive criticism his freshman season. One of the reasons he decided to stay in school to mature and handle it better. I hope he can handle Doug Collins because Kwame Brown couldnt, but Evan Turner despite frustration has handled it well. I wouldnt mind Perry. I rather go best talent than need like Center or PF. If the best talent happens to play a position of need? Kudos.

I'd like Terrence Ross tho. Who you like?

Could be BS like you said but if the Sixers doctors find it a concern I could see us not taking on the risk.

I'd love Terrence Ross but it is looking like he will be gone at 15. He is definitely my #1 wish for us. The only players I would accept is Ross, the two Jones', and Moultrie. Other than that I don't see who else we would want.

I love Royce White but he is too big of a risk for the 76ers to take at 15.
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