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Default Re: Grinder's Final Mock Draft

Oh, you're absolutely right, I'm not saying he won't be good because of that, far from it.
It's just interesting to think that I played against a possible future NBA player, and it wasn't even a particularly memorable experience at the time. The only thing I remember is that I was assigned to guard him because I was the only one with the height to challenge him, but he just blew by me on the perimeter, making the whole strategy pointless.
He'd only just joined a better ball club (used to play for mine but he was a year younger so I didn't know him), so I guess that's when he started really developing. Goes to show the importance of a proper environment, as well as dedication.

I hope he succeeds. If he develops an accurate 3 pt shot, it should all work out for him. Even if he doesn't make it in the league, I'm sure you'll see a lot of him in international competitions.
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