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Default Re: Ask 2 Knowledgable Blazer Announcers Anything (Mike & Mike)

Originally Posted by Mike Rice
First of all, we know Portland is the greatest city on Earth, also known as the Holy Land. It brings great joy to myself to be apart of this franchise and this great city. With great fans, great citizens, and with the lowest crime rate in the world. We are blessed.

That said, ask away. Discuss the greatness of Brandon Roy, or Boom Boom Batum, or the strongest, most athletic, most versatile big that this game has ever seen, LaMarcus Aldridge.

Also, we know the NBA Draft is coming up, and Portland gets to select #6, yes we did get screwed, we should have had a higher pick, BUT, the NBA forgot the Nets would have had our pick, so in the end, it payed off. With this pick, we are gonna make the most terrific selection in the draft, with the greatest player in the draft.. in Damian Lillard. He is already the most athletic player in the league, with the speed of DRose and Westbrook combined, with a jumpshot that would put Reggie Miller and Ray Allen to shame.. and a passing ability to make Nash look like a preschool child. It is with great pleasure to draft the greatest player since we have seen with LaMarcus Aldridge, and Brandon Roy.

Could not have said it better myself, Mike!

Damien Lillard is the best PG this league will ever see. It will be a joy to not only have him in the league but more importantly as a member of the great Portland Trailblazers.
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