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Default Re: Ask 2 Knowledgable Blazer Announcers Anything (Mike & Mike)

Originally Posted by Mr Exlax
Is it fair to say that you guys have the worst medical staff in sports history? Would one have to have some type of degree to get on with the Trailblazers medical staff or is it just show up and get in?

Not fair, that is a low-ball comment. If Greg Oden and Brandon Roy were not targeted by other teams, then this would not have been valid. We as an organization are requesting an investigation as it is clearly evident that players were trying to harm Oden and the great Roy while referees were purposely not calling the excessive fouls committed. Complete unsportsmanlike conduct and the league better do something about this. This league and the referees involved is ever growing as the most rigged and homosexual era yet.

On a lighter note, I can't wait to welcome Damien Lillard to the Portland Trailblazer organization. He is by far the greatest prospect in this draft and I am utterly shocked he is slipping so deep in the draft. But I can't complain, we are just blessed to pair Lillard and Aldridge together.
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