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Default Re: Wow, Perry Jones to the Thunder

Originally Posted by pegasus
If it weren't for the health issues, who would have been expected to pick him?
He would have been top 5, probably even 3, last yr but went back to school because everyone thought the season was going to be cancelled. I love the pick, since again he wasn't supposed to even be available. Yes, he's a poor man's KD/TMac/ShardLewis, so what better place to be than backing up the real KD? KD can hopefully teach him a work ethic, and get him in some steakhouse, BBQ, etc. And being from Houston, Kendrick Perkins and he will have that in common.

The Thunder do mini camps on their own during the summer (spend a week in Kentucky working out, then go to Houston, then to LA, then to DC) , so getting into that will help him develop chemistry with the teammates on and off the court.
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