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Default Re: The Official 2012 NBA Draft Thread - June 28, 2012, 7:30 PM EST

Originally Posted by Meticode
When the Bobcats took MKG this is what I said word-for-word with my daughter sitting right next to me...

Me: "Well, this draft is f*cked."
Daughter: "Daddy?"
Me: "Yes?"
Daughter: "Giillllll"crest" toothpaste?"
Me: "LOL Yes like the toothpaste."

Then when we picked Waiters...

Me: "W.T.F?"
Daughter: "HaHaHa daddy, Dabauuuu, teeee,heeeee"
Me: "Yes baby, that's how I feel now, dum ba- uuuuu"
Me: *face palm*

mine was similar, frustration when mkg and beal were taken 2 and 3

then as stern is announcing our pick im just thinkinh 'anything but waiters'

stern: 'the cavaliers select dion wai-'
me: 'fuuuuuuuuuuuck'

and proceeded to start drinking
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