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Default Re: Sullinger & Melo to Celtics

Originally Posted by jalbert009
Pierce should stay injured day to day kind of thing and tank this season. Who can we realistically get in free agency to take us over the top into contention? The best possible scenario Boston gets is:


Will this be enough to get past Miami and whoever comes out on top in the West?

OJ Mayo and Rajon Rondo that's a phuking squad right there.

great pick on Sullinger, he will be good a better Glen Davis.

But what's up with the Fab Melo pick, he is a sterotypical example of a guy who only made it to the NBA solely on size, and very little on skill.
He will be every bit as bad as Hasheem Thabeet.

Perry Jones should have been the pick, but if yall can steal OJ Mayo then everything will be forgiven.
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