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Default Re: 2012 Cavaliers Draft Recap

im starting to work up to waiters and zeller

this guy is the same height as bradley beal, sure he didnt get as many rebounds but beal wasn't even playing shooting guard.

waiters shot better from the floor and from three and put up a couple monster games when he got the playing time.

beal played 10 more minutes a game then waiter and grabbed 4 more rebounds, the same amount of assists and two more points and 42% from the floor...

waiters shot 48% from the field! that is incredible. also this guy can get to the rim. the more i look into it the more i like it.

zeller also went of alot in college. had a couple 30/10 games and played really well. also a legit 7 footer.

at first i was shocked because i spent so much time expecting the bigger names, but i trust the management.

they got thompson last year and that turned out very well.
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