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Default Re: Trades,Free Agency, Draft Thread

Originally Posted by Rowe
We better contact Scott Machado, Kevin Jones, Henry Sims, William Buford, Hollis Thompson, & Drew Gordon. I probably could put together a Summer League team off of all of the guys I was hoping we'd get at 48.

Grunwald needs to stop f*cking around and realize that as Knicks fans we're not playing the game of being patient anymore. Our time to win is now and we need to try to put the best possible team we can if we're going to challenge Miami for the East crown.
the true reason why alot of these guys didn't get drafted is primarily due to the uncertainty of whether they can contribute, with a very cap conscious CBA.

That's why I knew quite a few most likely would not get drafted, but I do want the team to give these guys a more up close look.

I'm hoping to catch the SL, I may take a mini trip to Vegas and see some live action.
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