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Default Re: Trades,Free Agency, Draft Thread

Originally Posted by knickscity
What difference does it really make though?

Alot of the teams targets went undrafted anyway.

Just give a few the sl invite, and get a good look.

Well when these guys go undrafted, you then have to compete with all 29 other teams to get them to join your SL team. While, I hope we can invite at least 3 of guys I considered "realistic" targets at 48 I do know that other teams are going to be selling them on the same dream of a training camp spot.

At the same time some guys don't participate in it because they've got a deal in Europe lined up to pay them 6 figures. I hate to see it, but I can't blame them for immediatley going to get the money without giving the NBA a try first.

I just want to see us really focus on adding talent and stop giving Training Camp chances to scrubs like Devin Green & Chris Hunter who were 26+ years old with no upside and have proven to be D-League level at best.
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