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Default Re: Trades,Free Agency, Draft Thread

Originally Posted by franchize
Wasted a pick...Great....Just Great.

Machado sitting right fukkin there! DJO, Kev Jones, Alex Young and you get a guy who wont even show up. Even if he does, he's not gonna leave Europe to play for chump change.

Truth be told, i just woke up, and first thing i did was lookfor the draft results and see who the Knicks had drafted.
When I saw it was Papanikolau, my very first thought was "franchize must be mad as hell" I understand your frustration my friend.

Anyway, the guy is a fantastic baller.
He led his team to an incredible comeback in the Euroleague final (that's the BIGGEST stage of international club bball) from 39-53 to a thrilling 62-61 win.
I don't know about NBA ready though, or Knicks ready anyways.
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