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Default Re: Cleveland with the weird picks

Originally Posted by Nash
I wasn't really dissing ya'll. Just that you guys do it differently, now either you guys or geniuses or not. Still, both Tristan and Waiters got picked by Cavs way too early with some high quality drafts available.

Still though man, nobody has an idea yet how Jonas V will turn out in the NBA. When it happened last year, I was quite surprised myself, only because I had not heard much about Tristan. But after I saw him play, I was more than impressed. The situation is very similar this year. I have heard of Dion Waiters but did not expect him to go this early, I had every reason to believe we were drafting Barnes. Until they all play, we know nothing. Last year, it looked like a bad draft and it actually saw a lot of good players come out of it.
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