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Default Re: Trades,Free Agency, Draft Thread

Originally Posted by Rowe
Well when these guys go undrafted, you then have to compete with all 29 other teams to get them to join your SL team. While, I hope we can invite at least 3 of guys I considered "realistic" targets at 48 I do know that other teams are going to be selling them on the same dream of a training camp spot.

At the same time some guys don't participate in it because they've got a deal in Europe lined up to pay them 6 figures. I hate to see it, but I can't blame them for immediatley going to get the money without giving the NBA a try first.

I just want to see us really focus on adding talent and stop giving Training Camp chances to scrubs like Devin Green & Chris Hunter who were 26+ years old with no upside and have proven to be D-League level at best.
This is most complete list of all the Knicks workouts, and the majority of them went undrafted.

Tu Holloway (6'0" PG, Xavier)
Scoop Jardine (6'2" G, Syracuse)
Khris Middleton (6'7" F, Texas A&M)
John Shurna (6'9" F, Northwestern)
Michael Eric (6'11" C, Temple)
Bernard James (6'10" C, Florida State)

Scott Machado (6'1" PG, Iona)
Miles Plumlee (6'11" C, Duke)
Oscar Bellfield (6'2" G, UNLV)
Darius Johnson-Odom (6'2" SG, Marquette)
Bradford Burgess (6'6" G/F, VCU)
Cameron Moore (6'10" F/C, UAB)

Dee Bost (6'2" PG, Mississippi St.)
JíCovan Brown (6'2" G, Texas)
Yancy Gates (6'9" C, Cincinnati)
Troy Gillenwater (6'7" F, New Mexico St.)
Robert Sacre (6'11" C, Gonzaga)
Wesley Witherspoon (6'9" SF Memphis)

JaMychal Green- 6'8" PF, Alabama
Robbie Hummel- 6'8" F, Purdue
Quincy Roberts- 6'5" G, Grambling State
Chris Smith- 6'2" G, Louisville
Jordan Theodore- 6'0" G, Seton Hall
Alex Young- 6'6" SF, IUPUI

Larry Anderson- 6'5" G, Long Beach State
Mike Glover- 6'5" PF, Iona
Drew Gordon- 6'9" PF, New Mexico
Adam Sollazzo- 6'6" G, East Tennessee State
Jordan Taylor- 6'2" PG, Wisconsin
Casper Ware, 5'10" PG, Long Beach State

Quincy Acy- 6'8" PF, Baylor
Kim English- 6'6" G/F, Missouri
Chris Johnson- 6'6" F, Dayton
Greg Mangano- 6'10" PF, Yale
Tony Mitchell- 6'6" F, Alabama
Hollis Thompson- 6'8" F, Georgetown

Erving Walker, 5'8" PG, Florida
Oscar Bellfield, 6'2" G, UNLV
Marcus Denmon, 6'3" SG, Missouri
Harouna Mutombo, 6'4" G, Western Carolina

The team imo has made it clear it's free agency for them.

They believe they are a few pieces away from truly competing.
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