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Default Toronto Raptors 2012-13 roster

As of today, the players under contract are:

Calderon ($10,561,985)
Forbes ($1,500,000)
Derozan ($3,344,250)
Ross (remains to be signed but definitely will, salary unknown)
James Johnson ($2,812,006)
Kleiza ($4,600,000)
Bargnani ($10,000,000)
Davis ($2,207,040)
Acy (unknown if the raps will sign at this point, perhaps insurance if Davis is dealt)
Amir Johnson ($6,050,000)
Val ($2,812,200)

Without including the unknown salaries of Ross and Acy, the raps are on the hook for $43,887,481 next season.

A few questions:

Anyone know what the salary cap is? Do we have any trade exceptions?

I remember hearing BC say they had 11 million in cap space.

What moves can be made to improve this club (serious answers only please)?

My first thought is shed the salary of Jose and Davis (gives an additional $12,769,025)

If the right opportunity presents itself, perhaps use the amnesty provision on either Kleiza or Amir.

Since it's no secret the raps will go after Nash, hopefully sign him to a 3 year deal in the range of 24-28M between 8-10M per year (wishful thinking, probably going to get him at 10-12M per year).

Someone posted on another thread a S&T with the Suns of Jose and Davis for Nash, which would be the best case scenario. That would still leave us around 11M in cap without having amnestied anyone.

Then either keep Bayless or go after George Hill for 4-5M (not sure what the qualifying offer was to Bayless, but I'd take Hill over him ANY day of the week) with another 6-7M for a starting SF. If that isn't enough, then use the amnesty and get more talent.

I'm looking forward to how the roster will take shape, and will surely get tix for next season (especially if we play OKC on a weekend!!!)

Edit: Someone also brought up Jose and Davis for Deng - which would be the SF we'd be looking for to space the floor alongside Nash. Either way, if we flip Jose and Davis for either Nash or Deng (assuming his wrist isn't messed up) would be solid!

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