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Default Re: Toronto Raptors 2012-13 roster

Originally Posted by clipse
Good info. My only reasoning behind moving Davis is because it would be filler in a trade. Also, I see Acy as a cheaper option than Davis, which would make Davis expendable (some might not like it, but I don't mind since I question his motivation and he has such a broken jumper / FT form).

So, $43,887,481 + Ross' 2.2M + Acy's 1M (all rounded up) = $47,087,481 + 4.2M for Bayless = $51,287,481 + 1M for Alabi as roster filler = 52,287,481.

My best case scenario roster would be:


Trade Jose and Davis for Deng (almost equal $ wise). Hope Bayless gets an offer elsewhere and sign George Hill to a similar amount (also doesn't eat into available cap as shown above). Amnesty Kleiza for an additional 4.6M, and use balance to pick up Nash as an FA.

Would we get a mid-level exception in this scenario? My knowledge on the CBA is really poor!

I don't think Jose and Davis will get you Loul Deng.
Maybe Jose, Derozan + 1st rounder, even that is questionable.
Otherwise I like the plan.
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