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Originally Posted by mlh1981
Reds looked completely baffled by giants pitching last night. Also, Votto is in a slump. When he's not going, the entire offense falls off a cliff.
four straight shutouts for the Giants now (albeit the Dodgers were throwing out a minor league lineup). It's pretty amazing how Vogelsong has been able to keep up his performance this year and by listening to the Giants radio station on the way home from work every morning he's pretty much the leader of that staff. I think it was a Zito injury last year that gave him a chance and while everyone is still waiting for him to fall back to Earth he refuses to. Hate the Giants, but like his story.

Timmy's peripheral numbers have been pretty consistent with the past (I think), but if he can just keep himself from that big inning then the Giants can be looking like that 2010 team again with a better lineup.
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