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Default Re: Toronto Raptors 2012-13 roster

Originally Posted by Molson
With the way that Nash pushes the ball, leaving Demar (your most athletic player) on the bench makes no sense. Players like Demar thrive with a pg like Nash. I don't understand why everyone is so down on Demar. He's only 22 and has been trying to work in an offensive system that does not suit his strengths. He was shoved into a primary scoring role when Bargs went down where teams would suddenly gameplan against him. I thought everyone here understood that was too much for him. But anyways...

I like the sign and trade idea with Phoenix though for Calderon/Davis. Great idea that IMO works for both teams. Gets us Nash and gives us more cap space. Obviously prefer to trade amir and keep Davis but that probably won't happen.

Ross will start on the bench, especially if coming in for Deng, who can spread the floor for Nash to penetrate. DD will also start to run with Nash.

I really think S&T with phoenix would work. I doubt Nash would want to leave Phoenix with nothing if there is a means to get them something back in return. So long as PHO accepts!!
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