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Default Re: Toronto Raptors 2012-13 roster

Originally Posted by Molson
With the way that Nash pushes the ball, leaving Demar (your most athletic player) on the bench makes no sense. Players like Demar thrive with a pg like Nash. I don't understand why everyone is so down on Demar. He's only 22 and has been trying to work in an offensive system that does not suit his strengths. He was shoved into a primary scoring role when Bargs went down where teams would suddenly gameplan against him. I thought everyone here understood that was too much for him. But anyways...

I think the issue with Demar is, we expect him to be more than he is right now. That might be unfair pressure, but that is reality. He has shown flashes of being able to be a great player. I think there was an interview with Kobe where Kobe said he had great respect for Demar and expects him to be a great player because of his work ethic. (Who knows, maybe Kobe was just appeasing the Toronto fans...but I don't think he throws out compliments).

Demar is very athletic, but I still cringe when I see him try to create off the dribble. It's obvious he kind of just puts his head down and goes for his move, rather than reacting. His jump shot, though improved, is still suspect.

I have high expectations for him because I think he has the right tools to be a great player. Though you raise a good point, he is only 22 and he's never played with any quality players (besides Bosh). Playing with someone like Nash could be instrumental in his development.
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