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Default Re: 7 Teams Passed On Drummond, Remember That When...

Drummond has physical potentially, but he's just so raw, completely lacks any skills at the moment and he's foul prone even at the college level. He's a kid who I definitely would've liked to see stay another 2 years, or at least another year and develop his game a little more while getting playing time. I hate seeing these project big men enter the league when they're going to be so useless in their first year, if not longer. Being so incapable of competing at the NBA level right now, so unskilled and so lacking in knowledge and how to play the game gives him the potential to be a bust so he's far from a safe pick.

As raw as Dwight was as a rookie, Drummond is definitely less skilled and NBA-ready. And while Dwight obviously showed significant potential in his rookie year, he didn't show anything to suggest that he'd be capable of becoming the player he was in 2011. So you never know, these guys can surprise you, but Drummond obviously won't reach Dwight's level.

This also reminds me how much I miss Greg Oden. He had more physical potential than Drummond, and while he was raw, he was much more skilled entering the league than Drummond is now, and you could see the potential for Oden to be able to make jump hooks and develop a pretty good post game.

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