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Default Re: Toronto Raptors 2012-13 roster

Originally Posted by Molson
I think you hit the nail on the head with the expectations we've put on Derozan. People expected him to be a saviour and now that he is not the superstar we hoped he would become, he is suddenly, at the age of 22, a bust. Kobe said that about Demar because one of the things that everyone has always said about Demar from HS to college to the NBA is that his work ethic is second to none. Whether he will become great, I'm not sure and have my doubts, but I still believe he will be a good NBA player and would really progress with a leader and PG like Nash.

I agree he still needs work but i thought he improved on getting to the rim despite the fact that if was tougher last year because of the lack of talent we had. It was so frustrating watching the Raps last year. When Bargs got hurt, teams had zero respect for what anyone else on the floor could do so they stacked Demar all day. Tough situation for a young growing player who was only 21 at the time and still had a lot of things he needed to work on and improve.

The other thing to consider in the development (or lack thereof) of a young player (ed davis too) is that players are normally coached to some degree through the summer and have a training camp to improve. Last year players were cut off from their teams (and team's resources) and had no training camp. I suspect that is why so many young players stalled last year. It wasn't just the raps, but also players like Wall, jennings, tyreke, etc.
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