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Default Re: So, will Kentucky dominate college ball for the foreseeable future?

Originally Posted by BlackWhiteGreen
I don't really follow college basketball (or college sports at all, really) but with several high picks in recent years, are "1 and done" college players going to go to Kentucky knowing they're likely to be able to get drafted high? Or will players make decisions based on other factors?

No, Kentucky won't dominate college basketball every year.

What they had this season was a great team that probably won't ever be stacked like that until their 2013-2014 team. Last year they had 3 of the Top 10 freshman, including 2 of the Top 5 in Davis & Gilchrist along with players such as Lamb & Jones who could've been 1st Round picks the previous year.

But Calipari has definetly set up a stream of top recruits who are going to head to Kentucky for 1-2 years, play in front of a crowd larger than NBA arenas, on TV every game, & getting NBA exposure.
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