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Default Re: So, will Kentucky dominate college ball for the foreseeable future?

Originally Posted by IGotACoolStory
Of course not.

They will consistently be around a Sweet 16-contender level depending on what they can haul in recruiting. But let's not act like UK gets every top recruit, nor that every top recruit they get will end up being John Wall or Anthony Davis every year. And that Sweet 16-contender level every year isn't only held by UK. You could argue UNC and Kansas are right there every year as well. Maybe even Duke if they weren't incredibly overrated every year.

Also, lest we forget that the college game has something called the NCAA Tournament. The best team doesn't win it all the time. Not that UK will be the best team every year... In fact, last year was the only year where you could say UK had the best team throughout the season. Maybe, you could argue the Wall-Cousins team, but I remember most people favoring Kansas on top going into the tournament. And neither of those teams even made the Final Four.

Last year they actually had one of their potential one and done's stay for his soph year (Jones) which greatly helped. Is that the first time that has happened since Cal has been there? If he leaves, UK isn't cutting down the nets, imo. What happens? Millers moves to the starting lineup and they are forced to actually use their depth? That team went 6 deep.

I agree with this, for the most part. I think you're selling Kentucky (and UNC and Kansas) a little short saying they're a Sweet 16 contender every year. Teams like Ohio State, Syracuse, and Michigan State are Sweet 16 contenders most years. UNC, Knetucky, and Kansas are Elite 8/Final 4 threats almost every season.

As for the OP, I don't know if they'll dominate, but they'll come close as long as the one-and-done rule is in place and Calipari is their head coach. UNC is the only other team that consistently comes close to recruiting on their level, and even then Roy Williams doesn't recruit sure fire one-and-dones to the extent Calipari does. Williams seems to have a recruiting pattern where every other 2-3 years he attempts to load up with five stars, and fills the other recruiting classes in with foundation and 2+ year four stars.
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