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Default Re: Timberwolves want Gasol

Originally Posted by mr sax
Well said.

From Queens Village, Queens. Lived in NYC many years, college in Boston. Been in LA almost 1 year. West Point area is beautiful. Straight up the Hudson.

Good to talk with you.

Good to talk to you too bro!
Love NYC. The most exciting place on the planet.
Yes, the Hudson Valley is beautiful, still have a sister and neices in Newburgh.
We should get Lakerfreak to organize a happy hour and I'll buy you a beer.
What made you move to LA? Work?
I live in San Diego (that's where I'm from too).
Spent college at West Point, then Ranger school in Georgia, then all over the world in the Army. Came back to Socal and got my grad degree at UCLA (LA is cool, but I'll take LowCal over SoCal anyday).
Really glad we can be friends dude.
Sorry about calling you a troll. You're not. I can tell by your posts you are a very inteligent guy.
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