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Default Re: Portland Offers Roy Hibbert Max Deal

Originally Posted by blacknapalm
he's the best big on the market so it's no surprise he was going to get offered a max contract. quit looking at inflated per 36 numbers. hasn't improved as a pro? so becoming more polished in the post means nothing? his playoff numbers: 11.7 points, 11.2 rebounds and 3.1 blocks. he also commanded a ton of doubles this past year.

Didn't use PER 36 at all. Yea.. he's added more polish but what's the value on that if his raw production is the same or lower? Bottom line is dude isn't a legit all star therefor he CAN'T be worth max money . Nothing to argue. I agree he draws doubles and is a very nice player but the bottom line here is MAX player. I think maybe 10-15 players tops in the NBA are worth max money at any given time. Hibbert is nowhere near a marketable player, nor a top 20 talent so it doesn't fit.
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