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Default Re: Portland Offers Roy Hibbert Max Deal

Originally Posted by Clippersfan86
I mean we know DeAndre and other bigs got overpaid bad... but damn man. Max deal for not even all star caliber center (if Horford was healthy as I said he wouldn't have made it). I agree though bigs are overpaid as fu**.
DeAndre's contract is bad, but he didn't get wildy overpaid and got his money because of the lack of big men but also because of the potential/improvement he showed. Unlikely, but he could develop and earn his money.

I just don't see that with Hibbert, shouldn't have been an all star. No way he could ever earn it, but damn Blazers. I know they are dying for a big man to pair with LMA but a contract like this could cripple the organisation for years.
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