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Default Re: Portland Offers Roy Hibbert Max Deal

Originally Posted by Quizno
i guess you're looking at per 36 stats. fair enough, but last season was clearly his best. he was a game changing player and, as usual, stats don't tell the whole story. it's like saying blake griffin regressed last season because his stats weren't quite as good as his rookie season when he was clearly at least a bit better

Actually not using advanced stats. Just remember his overall raw numbers were down across the board this year, but didn't look it up on BR or anything right now. I agree he's a game changer, top 5 center and very valuable guy. It's specifically the MAX player thing that shocks me. I'm not trying to be a hypocrite here because DeAndre Jordan for example who's far worse is insanely overpaid at 11 mill a year. Thing is... this guy is looking at what 17 mill a year or something?

This overpaying to steal players or force teams to match is getting old. Clippers actually tried to pay DeAndre 8 mill a year and bitch ass Golden State drove the price up to 11.
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