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Default Dwarf Fortress

So I remember hearing about dwarf fortress a couple years ago but for whatever reason I never looked into it. I knew it was a complicated game that used ASCII graphics, but that's about it. Saw a stream of it a couple days ago and it got me interested. I'm well aware of the games steep learning curve, so I'm trying to ease my way into it as best I can.

First thing I did was download the Lazy Newb Pack

Then I've been referring to these videos,
as well as a book called "Getting Started With Dwarf Fortress", which I grabbed off of demonoid.

Also here's decent article about some of the history of Dwarf Fortress.

I'm feeling pretty good about what I've managed to figure out so far. I've only really scratched the surface, but I think I'm starting to get a good understanding of the game. Definitely a game worth looking into if your willing to put in the time.
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