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Default Re: Portland Offers Roy Hibbert Max Deal

Originally Posted by InspiredLebowski
And the report's wrong. I've seen every single game of the dude's NBA career. Have fun going through a bunch of DX profiles and prove how perfect they are. I watched the dude lumber up and down the floor after 5 minutes, watched him hang his arms over the top of every driving player on d, watched him bumble entry pass after entry pass. Draining baby hooks over 6'8 Big East centers isn't the same thing as playing in the NBA.

Look, you'll go round and round with no evidence to back up any of your points but your ignorant opinion and base PPG/RPG numbers because you can't admit you're wrong. I don't care to do that. I've seen literally every single game of this dude's pro career and watched him evolve from a stumbling bumbling nothing to an above average rebounder (that's right, check his rebound rate) that's become more efficient on a lower assist rate (meaning he can get the ball and make his own shot instead of just catching a dumpoff) and doing it all with completely inept guard passing.

If you want to continue being a moron about actual basketball then feel free.

I'm well aware of the fact that if I need a detailed report on his game you'd be more qualified since you're a fan of the team. Bottom line though is he's not producing at an all star level, nor was he ever raw like let's say a DeAndre Jordan or Blake Griffin. In comparison to most centers the guy has always had a soft touch in the paint and a variety of moves. I'm not saying he hasn't improved, just saying you're exaggerating his improvements to justify what you know is a bad contract.

I can't remember ever before a 13 and 9 guy getting a max deal. This guy is a mammoth and is the biggest center in the NBA right now if I remember and should be producing more. Marc Gasol got the max deal last year and is clearly a better player and even that is probably a bit much. Nothing to argue here, it's overpay.
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