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Default Re: Darius Johnson Odom Highlights

Originally Posted by kkinchen
I disagree. This guy is going to be a perfect fit for the Lakers because he is a defensive stud, and is super athletic. He's clutch too if anyone followed his career at Marquette. This is a real steal for the Lakers. He could come in right now and be the backup for Sessions.

Here is a scouting report on Darius Johnson Odom, It agrees with me that he has a slow shooting release. Evaluating things like this is what I've been paid to do for a very long time. It also mentions his slow move to the basket....the spin move he has is not developed yet and he is mechanical right now.
The scouting report is a good one, he has potential but also much to overcome. Fans don't realize how important a quick release is for NBA players, even more so if you are not very tall. Allowing a defender an extra step gets your shot blocked.....and Odom's release is so slow it immediately jumped out at me.
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