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Default Re: Top 100 Players voted on by the players...

Originally Posted by Carbine
Gore & Jackson aren't Arian Foster. I like both of those guys, but Foster is just better, regardless of circumstances (like the lines they run behind, for example)

Forte is nice and all, and he's super versatile....but that whole nonsense about playing behind a terrible line is just straight up bull. That applies to the Bears in pass protection, no their run blocking. You're assuming that both correlate with each other and that's not true.
His offensive line is still quite inferior to the Foster's so it does apply. It's not a complete fact that Foster is a top 5 RB because he isn't and I don't even believe he is. I would take Forte over Foster quite easily. They're like the same back really except Forte is better than everything. I'm not sure what advantages Foster has over Forte besides being in a better situation.
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