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Default Re: Top 100 Players voted on by the players...

Originally Posted by StateOfMind12
I also know he plays on by far the best offensive line in the game.

I see no difference between Arian Foster and Matt Forte except Forte is better than Foster at everything from skills to athleticism. Forte plays on some garbage offensive line and is still one of the most productive RBs in the game.

Foster is a top 10 RB, possibly in the 6-8 range but not top 5.

No difference? Save that offensive line argument for something else because all you need to do is watch him play and that argument is out the window. Why haven't previous running backs succeeded in this system? The only one who was successful was Steve Slaton who was a one-hit wonder. He easily has the best vision and cutback in this league. Forte can't touch Foster in terms of being a pure runner. They're both good receivers out the backfield but come on Forte vs Foster? Shit isn't even a debate.

Forte had Cutler at quarterback. Foster had TJ ****ing Yates and had no help in the passing game with Andre out. I wasn't a believer til this year when he put up the numbers without Schaub and Andre. Put Foster in any system and he'll produce. Just watch Texans games and you'll see. Foster CEMENTED himself in the top 3 during the playoffs because he was an ANIMAL during those 2 games against very good defenses in the Bengals and Ravens.
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