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Default Re: Lakers interested in Calderon if they sign Nash...

Originally Posted by DKLaker
Remember when we got Karl Malone.....a big factor was that he was never hurt......and then he broke down on the Lakers.
Young guys cannot relate to this but when you approach 40 all kinds of weird things start breaking down on your body, it doesn't matter what your body type is. This is why guys retire. You would be lucky to get 1 great year out of Nash........and remember, he plays no defense.

Yeah well he's never played a lick of D in his life

I'll point out the difference here. As you mentioned he doesn't really play D. He barely even attacks the basket aggressively. He can get in the paint in a very finesse way, he takes the jump shot, he makes the great pass, he throws up a nice layup. Offensively he doesn't have to play that physical. He does damage without getting touched.

Karl Malone on the other hand was in the paint wrestling huge guys. Taking a physical beating, and giving them to others as well (never hard to forget vintage karl lol). It showed especially in the playoffs, after the physicality was increased, that at that age he couldn't hang. He was 40 that year right?

Well Nash and Garnett still have a couple of OK years left they can give. I really think keeping KG for that long, and that much was a mistake. Can't really comment on Nash because we have yet to see how that whole situation plays out with him.

But back to my initial point. I do see what you mean, but im just saying the money he is reportedly being offered is because of relativity and not necessarily what his value really is.
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