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Default Re: Top 10 QBs as of 2012

Originally Posted by 2LeTTeRS
While I don't agree with the list, its good to see how well regarded Cam Newton is among his peers. Just goes to show you how impressive he has been.

Newton is super hard to rank. His rookie year was incredible, but it is so hard to base a high ranking on just one year alone. I would say he is top 10, but I could see him varying 6 or so spots depending on the person ranking. Tebow and Romo being right next to each other is pretty laughable, as well as Tebow being above the likes of Ryan, Schaub, Sanchez, Smith, and Bradford.

Homer post now, but I really think that Stafford is going to begin competing like a top three quarterback within the next couple of seasons. If him and Calvin stay together, I could see that tandem breaking quite a few records.
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