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Default Re: Supposedly Nash to make decision by mid-week

Yes, i'd say between 85-90% in all honesty. Reason being because while other teams will offer him a greater shot at a championship:

A. He likes BC, and they go back quite awhile.
B. There's no team out there than can and is willing to give him as much money as we are. I'm quite certain that we are by far the highest bidder both in terms of annual salary and number of years.
C. He's always hinted at wanting to play in Canada.

If the money was equal i'd definitely think he'd join another team, but the fact that he took that 2 year 22 mill deal from Phoenix knowing they weren't going anywhere and then demanded a subsequent 3 year deal out of them knowing that they STILL are going anywhere, shows that in the latter stages of his career he's going for as much money as possible rather than a ring.
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