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Default Re: Top 10 QBs as of 2012

Originally Posted by 2LeTTeRS
I understand that Cam's body of work is limited, but lets not act like what he did was routine. He set the NFL record for rushing TDs for a QB and the record for yards thrown by a rookie, while almost single-handedly reinvigorating one of the worst sports markets in the country.

If Griffin or Luck approaches that then yes they should be considered when the top QB's are listed.

I mean what he did was incredible and a promising start to a hopefully stellar career but for a rookie to be 6th over guys like Philip Rivers and Mike Vick (who I don't even like or think is that great) is kinda questionable to me. Rivers had one bad year and Cam had one good year and automatically he's better. I've seen Rivers do many incredible things, same w Vick. Cam Newton hasn't even showed the NFL for two seasons he can maintain that high bar he set.
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