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Default Re: The Amazing SPIDER-MAN (July 3rd) - News and Speculation

I rewatched First Class last night and for the most part stand by my stance of it being overrated, but a 7 is a good score for it. It's not awful, and it's not mediocre, but its average. If i have to judge it from different perspectives;

As an X-Men movie based from the comics: Mediocre. The couldn't give a damn about continuity. C'mon, Darwin dies?

As an X-Men movie based in its own universe:
Good. Its decent enough to establish a base for future movies to follow this one. But if they do another origin movie and pretend like this one never happened, then this one was just a big waste of time. But if we get about two or three more films that come out of this one it can end up being a pretty good series.

As a standalone movie:
Average. Too many plot holes and lack of depth to be considered good.

Plot Holes
If Shaw has a thing for recruiting powerful mutants, how did he and Magneto end up in each other's rear view? The Nazis lost the war, but what exactly did that have to do with Shaw seemingly ditching this very powerful mutant child (whom-despite having killed his mother in front of him, could have groomed him to be an ally - after very least through brain washing) after going through such lengths to unlock the child's gifts?

Why is there such confusion between Mystique and Prof X's feelings for one another despite them having grown up together. Prof X is basically a college grad yet the way the two interact almost seems like they've only recently just become acquainted with one another. Mystique clearly has feelings for X yet despite him being somewhat of a flirt and obsessed with studying mutations, he acts odd and strange around Mystique as if he doesn't know how to approach her. It's a relationship that doesn't make a lot of sense and has clear issues when it comes to the two characters sharing any chemistry. I blame this on whoever wrote it as they did a bad job of making viewers feel like X and Mystique really care about each other.

Why does Sebastian Shaw have a helmet that blocks telepathy? They could have given a little insight on whether he had a run in with some telepath in the past.

There was next to no background on any characters outside of Charles and Magneto; and really its only Magneto as you see Charles as a kid, then as an adult, but no much info on how he came upon his powers the way we saw for Magneto. Every other mutant came off as nobodies with something special about them, but not much was given to viewers to care about why humans should accept these newly discovered mutants. Its as if the writer/director expected viewers to care about the characters based on prior knowledge of them from the comics, yet took every opportunity to go away from continuity. If you're going to go away from the original origins and stories, why not take some time to create new ones so your story has some depth. Instead most of the mutants came off as 'America's Got Mutants' who tell you their name and then show off their talent. That's not a movie, that's just special effects. I can get that from indie youtube shorts.

I can probably keep going, but i think you get the just of it.
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