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Default Re: Lakers should ask for Royce White instead of Scola in Houston Trade

Originally Posted by DKLaker
I really like Lamb but that is unplayable depth at SG.......Kobe and Martin would have to take all the minutes, then how would Lamb ever see the court???

Getting Beasley changes things quite a bit if that were to happen, then we wouldn't have to have I said I wouldn't put White in as a starter.

i dont trust white as a starter neither...beasley would be stretch the floor...

coming from bench Martin can play sf while lamb can play sg...Martin is 13mil expirer...I would be ready to deal him at the deadline to get more pieces....thats why i want lamb

I am not that high on scola..who is 32...and has 3 yrs at 10mil...I would prefer to go younger there...

Lakers need to do something and they need to do it now...i am not happy that in FA we are not hearing any news from the lakers....

All we heard was mitch made contact with his own free agents..

I trust Mitch & FO but they need to do something and like right now
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